Friday, April 18, 2014
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2013 marks the 20th PLoP™ conference!

April 1994: Members of the small, eclectic, and informal Hillside group gathered in Ben Lomond, California, for their yearly retreat and in the redwoods that Spring hatched a plan that was PLoP 1994. In response to the criticism that by putting together such an unconventional conference they would show they didn't know what they were doing, one of them suggested, "then let's pretend to know."

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, PLoP in 2013 will return to its first home, Allerton Park, and the conference program will include a variety of special events alongside the usual PLoP fare.

This is your invitation to participate - to share your knowledge, to help others improve their understanding and their pattern languages, and to be helped in turn. PLoP's focus encompasses every aspect of software: design, programming, testing, architecture, user interface design, domain modeling, education, human relations, and software development processes. Patterns and pattern languages for domains outside software have always been welcome, and this year, PLoP 2013 especially invites contributions that reflect on the history, current practice, and future of patterns.

Newcomer or oldtimer, all are welcome, and this year we expect to see familiar faces from the past: founders, early participants, and people who form the stuff of legend. Help us start up the future: From redwoods to prairie to...? 

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