Call for Newcomers

"A different kind of PLoP"

Newcomer Track I

Participants are sought for a special track at ChiliPLoP. This track provides something different but sorely needed in the patterns community, a "boot camp" for newcomers. This special track will be a training, mentoring, experiencing activity, where participants will be immersed in patterns and emerge with an enlarged perspective *and* their first pattern. This latter element is extremely important, since there is no better way to learn what patterns are all about than by writing one yourself.

There will also be an advanced section of the newcomer track for those who are already familiar with patterns, but want more help on writing patterns. To qualify for this track, submit a recently written pattern or a pattern in work. This may be a pattern you wish to work on during the conference. Alternatively, you will have the opportunity to work on new material. This section will include a Writers Workshop for the pattern work accomplished during the conference.

This exciting adventure will be enhanced by the interaction with many pattern notables. These include the leader of the group and other helpers who provide guidance for the pattern writing, along with other conference attendees.

There are only a few guaranteed opportunities for this experience at ChiliPLoP, so register early. To participate in this conference offering, contact John Letourneau. The only requirements are an open mind, ready to absorb the patterns experience, and an idea for a pattern you will craft at the conference.

Note: PLoP is a trademark of The Hillside Group, Inc.