Wiki Installation
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  1. untar into a directory (you might use output from http:backup.cgi)
  2. tweak to fit with your directory position
    1. look out for TWEAK comments
    2. set varialbe $thiswiki to your alias path used below. otherwise prefs.cgi won't be able to set your preferences cookies.
  3. tweak .htaccess if you want user authentication or not and with the position of the htpasswd file
  4. make the pages and files directory writable (owned) by the user running the apache process (e.g. wwwrun)
    • do not forget the RCS directories and files
  5. modify your apache's httpd.conf to point to your directory like:
        Alias /NewWiki "<path>/NewWiki/"
            <Directory "<path>/NewWiki/">
               Options +ExecCgi Indexes MultiViews
               AllowOverride All
               Order allow,deny
               Allow from all

  1. restart or reload your apache web server and try your wiki.
  2. have fun!

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