The following people are currently members of Hillside Europe:

Paris Avgeriou [email protected]
Bettina Biel [email protected]
Wolfgang Berger [email protected]
Joseph Bergin [email protected]
Frank Buschmann [email protected]
Jens Coldewey [email protected]
Pascal Costanza [email protected]
Jim Coplien [email protected]
Lotte De Rore [email protected]
Martine Devos [email protected]
Jutta Eckstein [email protected]
Kristian Elof Soerensen [email protected]
Alejandro Fernandez [email protected]
Andreas Fießer [email protected]
Christian Graf [email protected]
Arno Haase [email protected]
Marina Haase [email protected]
Neil Harrison [email protected]
Kevlin Henney [email protected]
Wolfgang Herzner [email protected]
Torsten Holmer [email protected]
Ofra Homsky [email protected]
Pavel Hruby [email protected]
Lise Hvatum [email protected]
Wolfgang Keller [email protected]
Allan Kelly [email protected]
Michael Kircher [email protected]
Christian Kohls [email protected]
Manfred Lange [email protected]
Andy Longshaw [email protected]
Klaus Marquardt [email protected]
James Noble [email protected]
Alan O' Callaghan [email protected]
Jorge L. Ortega-Arjona [email protected]
Juha Pärssinen [email protected]
George Platts [email protected]
Amir Raveh [email protected]
Dirk Riehle [email protected]
Linda Rising [email protected]
Andreas Rüping [email protected]
Axel Schmolitzky [email protected]
Markus Schumacher [email protected]
Till Schümmer till.schuemme[email protected]
Dietmar Schütz [email protected]
Christa Schwanninger [email protected]
James Siddle [email protected]
Peter Sommerlad [email protected]
Michael Stal [email protected]
Peter Tandler [email protected]
Markus Völter [email protected]
Hans Wegener [email protected]
Tim Wellhausen [email protected]
Elizabeth Whitworth [email protected]
Joe Yoder [email protected]
Uwe Zdun [email protected]
Birgit Zimmermann [email protected]