Registration is closed, we are fully booked.

If you wan't to apply to the waiting list, please mail to the conference chairs.

Last Update: Monday, 21st June 2003, 22:40 CEdsT

Registrations will be processed on a first-come/first-served basis. If we receive more registrations than spaces, in the first four weeks of the registration period authors will be given priority over non-authors.

Conference Fee

The conference fee for EuroPLoP 2003 will be 900 euro.

This includes:

In fact, the fee covers pretty much every expense except for mini-bar, phone calls and travel.

EuroPLoP scholarships

We have a limited number of scholarships available to students who have their papers accepted to either a Writers' Workshop or a Writing Group. These scholarships cover your full conference fee of 900 euro and are available to those students who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend due to the level of financial commitment. We can give half scholarships to students who have some funding, but cannot afford the entire conference fee, provided they have accepted papers, too. Scholarship recipients are requested to help with some aspects of the organisation of the conference. The deadline for applying for a scholarship is 6th June. Applicants will be informed if they get a scholarship no later than 15th June. Please email for more details.

Partners and families

There is limited space available at Irsee for partners and families of attendees. Costs vary depending on the number of people and the childrens' age. (If you bring your partner, you'll have to calculate about 40 euro per day for accommodation and breakfast. Small children can stay in their parents' room free of charge. Extra meals are about 35 to 50 euro per day. EuroPLoP cannot guarantee these prices; please ask Irsee for details.) If you plan to bring your family, please indicate so on the online registration form.


Registration to EuroPLoP will be fully transferrable upon receipt of a written request (you'll have to contact If you cancel more than 8 weeks before the event your credit card will not be charged at all. Cancellation between 8 weeks and 2 weeks before the event incurs a 50% charge (you will be refunded 450 euro). 100% of the fee is payable if you cancel less than 2 weeks in advance.