July 7-11, 2010, Irsee Monastery, Bavaria, Germany

Focus Groups

There are scheduled focus groups that will take place on Thursday and Friday. The Friday focus groups will have an open space format. That is, you propose a focus group, and people sign on the spot.

Using architectural decisions in architecture evolution (Thursday)

Focus group leaders: Uwe van Heesch, Paris Avgeriou, Uwe Zdun, Neil Harrison

Software architecture is the result of making a set of design decisions that impact the overall structure and behavior of a software system. These decisions are called architectural decisions. While some architecting approaches document the outcome of these decisions in different architectural views, others focus on documenting the decisions themselves as first class entities.

In this focus group we will provide documented architectural decisions of an existing software system, which is now subject to change due to new requirements and issues that came up in the last software release. The participants of the FG will be asked to analyze the system by looking at the documented decisions. After that we want them to reject inappropriate architectural decisions and make new ones necessary to fulfill the new requirements and solve the issues that came up. The participants' results will then be compared to the decisions that the real architects made in the same situation.

Pattern Writing (Thursday)

Focus group leaders: Didi Schütz, Andreas Fiesser, Tim Wellhausen, Klaus Marquardt, Allan Kelly

The idea of this workshop is to enable upcoming authors to write their first pattern.

The workshop provides a minimal set of information and rationale on pattern format(s). It proposes an approach (writing sequence) how to come up with a pattern description from knowing a solution. Key element of the workshop are practical exercises, starting with video presenting an appealing solution, extracting concepts and the essence out of that. From there, we expand to problem, context, consequences, forces. These practical exercises are either group discussion or guided witing (by means of online shepherding).

The workshop has (with different time formats) been run successfuly at an event of the Java User Group (JUG) at Munich (3h, Andreas, Tim, Didi), and in the context of a conference at Sofia University (Allan, Klaus, Didi, 1.5 days).

Pattern-oriented HCI development (Friday)

Focus group leader: Dirk Schnelle-Walka

A lot of HCI patterns exist providing a sound source of knowledge for the development of user interfaces. Their aim is to guide and advise the UI developer throughout the development process. But UI developers still have to manually select the patterns and transfer this pattern to the model or code. In contrast to software engineering patterns HCI patterns often do not feature dedicated code fragments or object- oriented concepts that can easily be transferred to the model or the code. This focus group tries to identify if this is really a lack and ways of bridging this gap.

Pattern Repositories (Friday)

Focus group leaders: Uwe van Heesch, Aliaksandr Birukou and Paris Avgeriou

This FG will reflect on past experiences in building pattern repositories, show examples of existing and upcoming projects on pattern repositories, gather feedback and brainstorm on directions for future research. Attention will also be given to problems of exchangeability between pattern repositories (e.g., by means of pattern-exchange formats, protocols or public APIs) and to mechanisms for effective and easy gathering of user-generated knowledge and feedback (e.g. links between patterns, tagging and annotations of patterns). Another purpose of the FG is to find interest groups willing to collaborate in an open pattern repository project, mainly by providing content. The current prototype of this open pattern repository will be presented during the FG.