PLoP '97 Program Committee and Shepherds

PLoP '97 represents the collective effort of the allstars listed below. We deeply appreciate their dedication to improving the ``Quality Without a Name'' at PLoP!


o Program Chair: Robert S. Hanmer, Lucent Technologies ([email protected])

o Conference Chair: Don Roberts, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign ([email protected])

Program Committee

o Steve Berczuk, Corechange, Inc. ([email protected]) (1998 Program Chair)
o Ward Cunningham, Cunningham & Cunningham ([email protected])
o Brian Foote, University Of Illinos, Urbana-Champaign ([email protected])
o Doug Lea, State University of New York, Oswego ([email protected])
o Dirk Riehle, Ubilab ([email protected])
o Doug Schmidt, Washington University ([email protected])


o Amund Aarsten ([email protected])
o Ken Auer ([email protected])
o Mike Beedle ([email protected])
o Steve Berczuk ([email protected])
o Deloy Bitner ([email protected])
o Mark Bradac ([email protected])
o John Brant ([email protected])
o Kyle Brown ([email protected])
o Frank Buschmann ([email protected])
o Ian Chai ([email protected])
o Jens Coldewey ([email protected])
o Jim Coplien ([email protected])
o Todd Coram ([email protected])
o Dennis Debruler ([email protected])
o David Delano ([email protected])
o Jim Doble ([email protected])
o Paul Dyson ([email protected])
o Martin Fowler ([email protected])
o Alejandra Garrido ([email protected])
o Neil Harrison ([email protected])
o Tim Harrison ([email protected])
o Robert Hirschfeld ([email protected])
o Prashant Jain ([email protected])
o Ralph Johnson ([email protected])
o Wolfgang Keller ([email protected])
o Norm Kerth ([email protected])
o Doug Lea ([email protected])
o Robert Martin ([email protected])
o Gerard Meszaros ([email protected])
o Regine Meunier ([email protected])
o Don Olson ([email protected])
o Bill Opdyke ([email protected])
o Steve Peterson ([email protected])
o Dirk Riehle ([email protected])
o Linda Rising ([email protected])
o Antonio Rito_da_Silva ([email protected])
o Hans Rohnert ([email protected])
o Ari Schoenfeld ([email protected])
o Michael Stal ([email protected])
o Lizette Velazquez ([email protected])
o John Vlissides ([email protected])
o Eugene Wallingford ([email protected])
o Bobby Woolf ([email protected])
o Joe Yoder ([email protected])
o Liping Zhao ([email protected])

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