Workshop Groups On-Line


The workshop groups list is now on-line at:

Authors: Please download your abstract and paper from this list and make
sure they're correct. If we don't have the proper version of your paper,
we need to know so immediately (or sooner!). Please send any
correspondance about the papers to:
mailto:[email protected] (Don't send it to me; I'll
just loose it.)

Non-Authors: You need to pick a group you want to attend and participate
in. (Participation of non-authors is at the discretion of the group and
each author, but attendance is free!) Dragos will be contacting you
about which group you want to attend so that he can have a hardcopy set
of that group's papers for you. When he gets in touch with you, please
respond quickly or he may not have a hardcopy ready for you. (Then
you'll have to read the CD; good luck! :-)

Workshop attendees/participants (authors and non-authors): Check which
group you're in. You need to read all of the papers in that group before
you come to the conference and be prepared to discuss them at the
conference. See
for more info about how writers' workshops work.

If you have any questions about a particular group that the
writersworkshop.html doc doesn't answer, please contact the group