tour of Allerton Park Sunday evening

I will give a tour of the grounds of Allerton Park for 
those who are early arrivers.  I plan to leave around 5:30,
getting back by 7.  This will give you time to get registered
before we leave, since registration opens at 5.  

If anyone is getting in around that time (i.e. your airplane
is getting in around 4 or 4:30) and you really, really want
to go, send me e-mail and I will wait up.  Otherwise, I'll
just leave with whoever is interested.

I've never lead a tour of Allerton Park before, but I have
gone on the tour several times and I have a map.  I will bring
bug repellant in case it is necessary.  So, unless it rains,
we should be all set.

-Ralph Johnson