Need a ride from O'Hare?


One of the PLoP attendees, John Sinnott, will be driving from O'Hare
airport in Chicago to Allerton on Sunday afternoon and has offered to
give anyone a ride who needs it. He can handle up to three people and
they should be non-smokers (at least for the duration of the trip :-).
If you're interested, you can contact John at:

[email protected]
[email protected]
847.304.9560 (work)
847.382.3288 (home)

Let him know what time you're getting in and on what flight and he'll
arrange to meet you.

For that matter, if you're coming into Midway airport in Chicago, he can
probably also meet you there as well.

You should also coordinate with him on getting back Wednesday afternoon.

See you all in two days,