The conference will be held on one of sites of Universidad Abierta Interamericana (UAI) called CAETI, located on the La Boca / Barracas / San Telmo area.

The exact address is: Av. Montes de Oca 745, Buenos Aires. Explore map: CAETI, UAI.

Buenos Aires (city) is the capital of Republica Argentina. Buenos Aires is birthplace of the tango is, like the dance itself, captivating, seductive and bustling with excited energy. Atmospheric old neighborhoods are rife with romantic restaurants and thumping nightlife, and Buenos Aires’ European heritage is evident in its architecture, boulevards and parks. Cafe Tortoni, the city’s oldest bar, will transport you back to 1858, and the spectacular Teatro Colon impresses just as it did in 1908. Latin America’s shopping capital offers the promise of premium retail therapy along its grand, wide boulevards.

La Boca/ Barracas and San Telmo are characterized by cobblestones and narrow streets, they are defined by the tango, the dance that made Buenos Aires world-famous. Tango is a fusion of many different cultures: a true child of immigration, much like the city itself. San Telmo comes alive after dark in the milongas (dance parties) attended by both locals and visitors alike, who dance until the wee hours of the morning. During the day, the antique shops and classic cafés and bars around Plaza Dorrego dominate the scene. The emblematic Bar Plaza Dorrego, with its green awnings, checkered tile floors, and wooden interiors, takes you back in time the moment you step inside. For true porteño traditions, San Telmo is the place to be.

We have created a list of nearby hotels for your convenience.

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