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Doing java?
JAOO 20-26 sep. 2003

Patterns in Munich
EuroPLoP 25-29 june 2003

Patterns in Illinois
PLoP 8-12 sep. 2003

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The PLoP™ (Pattern Languages of Programs) series of conferences celebrates who we are as a community of architects, designers and programmers, and strives to share information about those practices that improve the quality of life for our profession and those we serve.

Situated in Scandinavia, the VikingPLoP™ conferences continue this tradition - in keeping with the diversity of the region, VikingPLoP is held in a different part of Scandinavia each year. VikingPLoP is open to pattern authors, pattern users, and software designers and developers from around the world.


The organizing committee of the First Scandinavian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (VikingPLoP) welcome you to VikingPLoP Denmark 2002.

VikingPLoP 2002

The VikingPLoP 2002 conference took place at Højstrupgård near Helsingør in Denmark. Thirty people participated in workshops, focus groups and a tutorial. Nineteen papers were reviewed this year.

Final Proceedings

The final proceedings has been published as a book, and they are available online from here as well.
VikingPLoP 2002 Final Proceedings (pdf ˜6 MB).

VikingPLoP 2003

VikingPLoP 2003 takes place in Bergin in September 2003.

Welcome to Denmark!