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The Shepherding Award

Patterns are the essence of the PLoP conferences. The shepherding process improves the quality of patterns papers. Being a shepherd requires a lot of time and effort. While it usually is a rewarding process both for shepherd and author, it can also include challenges and difficulties. To thank the many people who have laboured as shepherds, an award was instituted. The award is called "The Neil Harrison Shepherding Award". Neil Harrison has guided the VikingPLoP shepherding process, and makes sure that this process succeeds at the PLoP conferences around the world.

The trophy has been Kaj Bojesen's Ape - an item possessing characteristics of a good shepherd. A passion for quality, not only at the surface but to the core, being in the game for the long run not just to reap a quick return, as well as the ability to live up to all this while having fun and spreading joy and happiness. Kaj Bojesen has been one of the pioneers of Danish industrial design, and the Ape has been on the market since 1951. It has spread joy and playful happiness among people of all ages ever since.

At VikingPLoP 2002, the program committee members and the authors of accepted papers had the right to nominate a shepherd. Eight shepherds were nominated, and the award went to the shepherd who received the most nominations.

The Neil Harrison Shepherding Award
VikingPLoP 2002
Awarded to
Linda Rising

The Shepherding Award for VikingPLoP 2002

The Shepherding Award for VikingPLoP 2002