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Travelling to VikingPLoP


The conference takes place at Højstrupgård which is a small castle near Helsingør in Denmark.

The street address is:

Ejler Jensens Vej 1
3000 Helsingør


The currency within Denmark is danish kroner DKK. The exchange rates can be obtained from

At the time of writing (mid july 2002) the exchange rates are approximately:

11,5 DKK for one british pound
7,4 DKK for one euro, one american dollar or one finnish mark
0,8 DKK for one swedish krone
1,0 DKK for one norwegian krone

Visa, MasterCard, JCB, EuroCard, Diners and American Express are accepted in most tourist shops and many regular ones.

People arriving by airplane from outside Denmark:

Take an airplane to Copenhagen Airport Kastrup, its three letter code is CPH.

When you have cleared customs at the airport you are inside terminal 3, at the farthest end of which you will find the railway ticket booth. Buy a ticket to Helsingør. Escalators to the platforms are right beside the ticket booth. Trains headed for Helsingør departs every 20 minutes during the afternoon on the 20. of september, so you won't have to wait long. The train ride takes a little more than an hour.

When you reach Helsingør take a taxi to Højstrupgård. It is 4 km from the railway station.

Alternatively take bus number 340 from Helsingør railway station towards Gilleleje and get of at Højstrupgård. If you choose this option, get a combined bus+train ticket at the airport.

People arriving by train and/or ferry

Get to Helsingør and take a taxi or bus line 340 towards Gilleleje from there.

If you want the scenic tour, take the small train travelling along the coast between Helsingør and Gilleleje and get of at Højstrup station which is within half a kilometer from Højstrupgård. You can connect to this train at Helsingør or Gilleleje stations.

There are ferries from Helsingborg to Helsingør, and three railway lines leading to Helsingør from Gilleleje, Hillerød and Copenhagen.

To plan a train and/or bus trip within Denmark this site is the official resource You can select language amongst Danish, German and English.

For maps use It defaults to danish, and can be pursuaded into speaking english. Type in the postal address for Højstrupgård to get a map of the area.

People arriving by car

From within Denmark use to get a detailed travel description and/or maps. It can be pursuaded to speak english.

From outside Denmark use a resource like to get a route to Helsingør, then use for the last leg of the trip to Højstrupgård.

People arriving on bicycle

If you are starting somewhere in Copenhagen then this route will work for you:

Going up along the coast from Copenhagen to Helsingør is a very nice trip if you stick to the track just inside Dyrehaven at it's western side, use Grisestien from Dyrehaven until you reach Vedbæk and then take the bike path along the railway to Rungsted Kyst Station. From there to Helsingør, Strandvejen is rather plesent to ride on, however it is very exposed to the wind.

Get off Strandvejen in Snekkersten and follow Rønnebær Allé that starts on the side of Snekkersten station facing away from the sea. When it ends, turn right and after a few hundred meters turn left following Gefionsvej. When it ends, turn left on Gammel Hellebæksvej, then right on Eiler Jensens Vej at the end of which you will find Højstrupgård.

If you don't have a favorite route to Ermelunden/the south western corner of Dyrehaven, then I can recommend driving through Utterslev mose, then following the track that goes along the western side of Gentofte sø and ends in Ermelundsvej. In the book version of Krak getting from Utterslev Mose to Ermelunden is 127 H7,J7,K7,K6,K5,K4,K3,K2,K1 then north for two kilometers and you are in Ermelunden.

More information

If you need further information please email the conference chairs and we will do our best to help you:

Pavel Hruby
Kristian Elof Sørensen