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April 14-17  2012
Plaza Hotel - Las Vegas, New Mexico

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Chili Moves

After many years in Arizona, Chili is moving one state eastward to New Mexico, where the official State Question is “Red or Green?” (Referring to chili, of course.)

Our venue will be the historic Plaza Hotel, just across the square from Doc Holliday’s dentist office. The Plaza square is where the United States took official possession of New Mexico following the Civil War.

Las Vegas, New Mexico has no casinos or rivers of neon but does have a couple of centuries of history and an invigorating tri-cultural heritage. It has also been featured in numerous movies including No Country for Old Men and the unforgettable Red Dawn.

Looking Backward – Patterns From the Future

In 1887 Edward Bellamy published Looking Backward. 162 “Bellamy Clubs” formed, across the US—people gathering to discuss the ideas in the book and propose means and actions that would make them a reality.

This year, ChiliPloP attendees will work on something similar—taking “A Different Kind of PLoP” to a new dimension. Please Join Us!

The 15th Annual ChiliPLoP features "hot topics" for experienced folks to gather and tackle issues. Participants must choose one hot topic and register with the workshop organizer. How do you do this? Write an email to one of the organizers requesting that you be included in their Hot Topic discussion. If you are accepted, you will receive an email from your Hot Topic leader with the registration link.

Current List of Hot Topics

Birth of a Discipline: Reality Construction

Application development (Reality Construction)—the use of computers and software to craft every aspect of the world we inhabit—should be an area of investigation and practice independent of its progenitors: computer science, software engineering, and MIS. Help define this discipline and participate in its establishment as a degree program with global scope.

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Cloud Computing Patterns

Through the use of cloud computing, providers and customers alike may benefit from economies of scale, reduced provisioning times, and flexible scaling of cloud applications. To benefit from this powerful computing environment, application architects, however, have to respect the specific properties of clouds: /elasticity/ -- the ability to adjust resources numbers assigned to an application flexibly and on demand; /pay-per-use/ -- only the reserved resources are billed to customers; /standardization/ -- the runtime environment of cloud applications consists of reusable services, middleware platforms, and virtualized hardware; /resource sharing/ -- resources in the cloud are shared between multiple customers...Cloud offerings provide infrastructure, platform and as a Service. If these services are used by cloud applications they become highly dependent on the interfaces and behavior of these offerings...

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Lodging begins April 14th. The conference begins with a keynote on April 15th at 8:30 am.

Keynote talk: MFA Software by Richard Gabriel

Registration Fees for Conference Attendees:

Rooms may be booked directly with the Plaza Hotel (800) 328-1882 or (505) 425-3591 – special rates not available on-line.

Conference registration includes conference activities, opening and closing dinner, and Afternoon in the Park event. Early Bird (before Feb 29): $345. After Feb 29: $395. Conference registration site:

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Conference Chair: Joe Yoder
Program Chair: Dave West

Note: PLoP is a registered  trademark of The Hillside Group, Inc.