Workshop 2016

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EduPLoP 2016 ( took place in Sandbjerg Gods, Denmark, 9-13 Nov, 2016. This is an invitation only event. The theme for this year’s event is “Hybrid Pedagogy”.

The concept of Hybrid Pedagogy seeks to challenge the dichotomies – material, social and intentional – in which education is framed; the distinctions between formal and informal, online and offline, situated and detached, practical and conceptual, and even between teaching and learning. As such, it builds on the tradition of critical pedagogy and extends it into the current day contexts in which our physical presence fuses with our virtual one and our roles and networks are fluid and ambiguous.

Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in the theory and practice of hybrid pedagogy. In order to open up this conversation and make both theory and practice available to a wide audience, we need to bridge them by a robust, flexible and coherent design language. Design Patterns and Principles offer a syntax for such a language. build so the success of the first EduPLoP workshop in the Netherlands, 2015. That workshop brought together a small group of pattern experts, and resulted in 5 papers which lay the foundations for a learner-centred design language of assessment. will utilise a similar format, bringing together experts in hybrid pedagogy, learning design and teacher training, to distil knowledge from practice, theory and praxis (the synergy of action and reflection), and represent it in forms which are readily applied and at the same time are clearly available for scrutiny.