EuroPLoP™ 2000 Papers


Burgos-Ortiz From Problems to Programs: A Pattern Language ...
Demeyer A Pattern Language for Reverse Engineering
Ducasse Tie Code And Questions: a Reengineering Pattern
Ducasse Transform Conditionals to Polymorphism
Eckstein Learning to Teach and Learning to Learn - Running
Fricke SEMINARS: A Pedagocical Pattern Language about teaching ...
García-Martín Virtual Machines and Abstract Compilers - Towards
Geraud Generic Programming Redesign of Patterns
Henney C++ Patterns: Executing Around Sequences
Karacan Organizational Patterns - Virtual Organizations' Pattern Language
Keller The Bridge to the New Town - A Legacy System Migration Pattern
Kircher Lookup
Noble Small User Interfaces
Rossi Patterns for E-Commerce Applications
Silva A Set of Agent Patterns for a More Expressive Approach
Steindl Pedagogical Pattern: Self Test
Völter Metacommand
Weir Process Patterns for Small Systems
Zdun Object System Layer