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Focus Group 1 - Patterns of Software Craftsmanship:  Apprentice to Journeyman

Group Leaders:Dave Hoover and Adewale Oshineye

Description: The excellent books The Pragmatic Programmer and Software Craftsmanship were written for journeymen and masters.  We are writing a book for apprentices, documenting the common approaches that have guided less experienced developers toward mastery.  We are collecting stories from software craftsmen to grow and test this emerging apprenticeship pattern language.  We're interested in stories of how developers grew from novice to craftsman and feedback on the patterns. While at PLoP, we are particularly interested in feedback on the structure of the pattern language and the form of the patterns.

Submission Requirements: An openness to share one's own stories that contradict or support the apprenticeship patterns.  A bit of familiarity with the patterns availabile online at

Session Results: A refinement of the apprentice patterns as we continue to prepare them for publication.

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