EuroPLoP™ 1996 - 1998 Papers


Ducasse 1998 Type-Check Elimination
Eckstein 1998 Incremental Role Play
Galve-Frances 1998 An Approach to Algorithm Design by Patterns
Keller 1998 Object/Relational Access Layers
Reissing 1998 A Presentation Pattern Language
Silva 1998 The Agent Pattern for Mobile Agent Systems
Sommerlad 1998 Do-It-Yourself Reflection
Keller 1997 Mapping Objects to Tables--A Pattern Language
Weir 1997 Architectural Styles for Distribution
Barroca 1996 A Framework and Patterns Spezification of Reactive Systems
Kuehne 1996 Recipes to Reuse
Riehle 1996 Bureaucracy
Weir 1996 Patterns for Designing in Teams