Jul 05, 2011
Conference schedule and Writers' workshops


May 20, 2012:
Registration opened.

May 8, 2012:
Acceptance notifications sent.

March 12, 2012:
Shepherding started.

February 20, 2012:
Submission for 2012 closed.

January 18, 2012:
Submission system 2012 online

November 23, 2011:
Call for Papers published

November 12, 2011:
Initial website created


EuroPLoP is a non-profit event. Therefore, preparing and running the conference requires a lot of commitment by various people and organisations contributing to EuroPLoP. EuroPLoP is organized by Hillside Europe e.V.

The conference chairs are responsible for the running the conference, supported by the program committee.

The shepherds contribute with their expertise in order to guarantee a high quality of the submissions. If you consider to support EuroPLoP and the authors as a shepherd, please mail to the conference chairs.

Most participants are authors of one or more papers which are discussed in the workshops (see the program for a list of this year's workshops).


Program Chair
Andreas Fiesser, Independent, Germany,
Conference Chair
Christian Kohls,
Focus Group Chair
Uwe van Heesch, University of Groningen, Netherlands,
Web Chair
Michael Weiss, Carleton University, Canada,

Program Committee


Aliaksandr Birukou
Allan Kelly
Andreas Fießer
Andreas Rueping
Bettina Biel
Brahim Hamid
Christian Kohls
Christian Köppe
Christoph Hannebauer
Claudius Link
Cyrille Martraire
Dietmar Schuetz
Dirk Schnelle-Walka
Eduardo Fernandez
Ernst Oberortner
Georgina Holden
Hans Wegener
Klaus Marquardt
Linda Rising
Michael Weiss
Neil Harrison
Paris Avgeriou
Peter Sommerlad
Stefan Sobernig
Tim Wellhausen
Uwe Zdun
Uwe van Heesch
Veli-Pekka Eloranta
Yishay Mor


Allan Kelly, Software Strategy Ltd., UK
Andreas Fiesser, Independent, Germany
Andreas Rueping, independent, Germany
Anne Hoffmann, blb, Germany
Arisa Kamada, Faculy of Policy Management, Keio University, Japan
Aya Matsumoto, Author, Japan
Christian Kohls, Germany
Christian Köppe, Hogeschool Utrecht, Netherlands
Christopher Preschern, TU Graz, Austria
Claudius Link, Germany
Damien Gouteux, IRIT, France
David Schumm, University of Stuttgart, Institute of Architecture of Application Systems, Germany
Dietmar Schuetz, Siemens AG, Germany
Elissaveta Gourova, Assoc. Prof., Bulgaria
Eri Shimomukai, Keio University Faculty of Policy Management, Japan
Erik Blanken, HU, Nederland
Ioanna Lytra, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Vienna, Austria
Jaap Kabbedijk, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Kaori Harasawa, Keio University, Japan
Karen Velazquez Puerto, STSN / Universität Hamburg - Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Germany
Klaus Marquardt, Dräger Medical, Germany
Megumi Kadotani, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University, Japan
Michael Weiss, Carleton University, Canada
Reina Sakemi, KeioUniversity, Japan
Sumire Nakamura, Keio University, Japan
Takashi Iba, Keio University, Japan
Tim Wellhausen, Germany
Uwe van Heesch, University of Groningen, Germany
Vallidevi Krishnamurthy, SSN College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India
Veli-Pekka Eloranta, Tampere University of Technology, Finland