Jul 05, 2011
Conference schedule and Writers' workshops


May 20, 2012:
Registration opened.

May 8, 2012:
Acceptance notifications sent.

March 12, 2012:
Shepherding started.

February 20, 2012:
Submission for 2012 closed.

January 18, 2012:
Submission system 2012 online

November 23, 2011:
Call for Papers published

November 12, 2011:
Initial website created


Participants are expected to participate in the conference from Wednesday until Saturday night.







    Swimming (optional) Swimming (optional) Swimming (optional) Swimming (optional)
7.30am   Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9.00am Games Games Games Wrap up meeting (PC only)
9.20am Daily Overview Daily Overview
9.30am Opening session Writers Workshop Writers Workshop Hillside Europe meeting
10.40am Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
11.00am Writers Workshop Writers Workshop Writers Workshop for Onsite Shepherding Group  
12.20pm Lunch Lunch Lunch
1.00pm Publishers Cafe, or Monastery tour or Onsite Shepherding2 Publishers Cafe, or Brewery tour or Onsite Shepherding2 Games
1.20pm Focus Groups, Start a Pattern today
2.00pm Games Games
2.20pm Writers Workshop Open Space
3.00pm Walk & Talk & Ropes
3.40pm Registration opens Coffee Coffee
4.00pm Tutors available Sheep workshop or Nature of Order Reading Writers Workshop
5.10pm Newcomers intro Naptime
5.30pm Onsite Shep­herding1 kick-off Shepherding workshop, Onsite Shepherding, or Dicesercise3,4 Shepherding workshop6, Onsite Shepherding, or Dicesercise3,4
6.00pm Name game Daily summary & Closing session
6.20pm Daily summary
6.30pm Daily summary & Open Space intro
6.40pm Onsite Shepherding decision / Banquet preparation
7.00pm Dinner Dinner Banquet Dinner
8.00pm Bar Paint & Create Soccer (EuroPLoP Cup)
Later Bar, Bar games BOFs5, Bar & Bar games BOFs5, Bar, & Bar games BOFs5, Atelier Bar, Movies

1Onsite Shepherding Group by invitation only
2Choice of after lunch activities
3Choice of late afternoon activities
4Diceercise is some activity with a dice with George
5Birds Of a Feather discussions
6Shepherding workshop continues