Pre-conference Workshops

We are offering 4 Agile-related workshops that will be held on November 16th and 19th, in the San Joaquin campus of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM). The exact address is: Vicuña Mackenna 3939, Santiago, San Joaquín, Región Metropolitana.

"Agile Software Design Techniques"

@ Nov 16th, 09:00-13:15

Eduardo Guerra

Topics: Fundamentals of agile software design, Test Driven Development (TDD), TDD Hands-on and Refactoring

Requirements: basic Object-Oriented programming knowledge.

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"Agile Software Design Techniques"

@ Nov 16th, 15:30-19:45

Eduardo Guerra

Topics: Frameworks concepts, Hotspots and frozen spots, Techniques for adding behavior, Introspection, reflection and Code annotations, Metadata-based frameworks hands-on and Comparison between framework approaches

Requirements: Object-Oriented programming (OOP) language knowledge.

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"Scrum Patterns Workshop"

@ Nov 19th, 09:00-13:15

Joseph Yoder and Ademar Aguiar

Topics: Introduction to Scrum Patterns, Product Organization Pattern Language, Value Stream Pattern Language and The Future of Scrum Patterns.

Requirements: Understanding of basic agile principles. Knowledge and some practical experience with Scrum is beneficial. Organizations with already formed Scrum teams will get many benefits from this workshop.

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"Being Agile at Quality: Values, Practices and Patterns"

@ Nov 19th, 15:30-19:45

Joseph Yoder

Topics: Quality and Agile, Tradeoffs with Quality, Breaking Down Barriers, Whole Team Agile Quality, Integrating Quality into Agile, Finding and Describing Qualities, Keeping the Focus on your Quality Values, Measuring and Testing System Qualities and Sustaining Quality

Requirements: General understanding and background of agile principles (possibly enterprise-scale agile) along with knowledge of Quality Assurance practices.

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Workshops Information

For those interested in participating in the workshops, we will have promotional coupons for the registration process:

Purchase Discount for SLPLoP registration process
1 workshops 10% off
2 workshops 15% off
3 workshops 20% off
4 workshops 25% off

Contact infrmation to purchase the workhops:

E-mail Phone number
vincula[at] +56 32 2654445

After purchasing two or more workshops, you should send us an email (sugarloafplop2018[at] with the purchase confirmation of the workshop courses sent by vincula[at] Then, we will send you a promotion coupon to use in the registration form to get the discount.