Conference & Activities

Software developers have long observed that certain patterns recur and endure across different applications and systems. The growing interest in patterns represents an effort to catalog and better communicate knowledge, providing handbooks of proven solutions to common problems. The purpose of SugarLoafPLoP is to discuss patterns on all aspects of software, including design and programming, software architecture, user interface design, domain modeling, software processes, project management, and more.

SugarLoafPLoP (SLPLoP) brings together researchers, educators, and practitioners whose interests span a remarkably broad range of topics and who share an interest in exploring the power of the pattern form. SugarLoafPLoP invites you to add your expertise to the growing corpus of patterns. You will have the opportunity to refine and extend your patterns with the help from knowledgeable and sympathetic fellow pattern enthusiasts. You will also be able to discuss applications of patterns in industry and academia.


The conference has several components:

  • Writer's Workshops, where participants refine and extend patterns proposals with the help from knowledgeable and sympathetic fellow pattern enthusiasts
  • Presentations of papers about patterns, e.g. applications in industry and academia
  • Free-format discussion groups or workshops focused on some hot topic related to patterns
  • Tutorials on specific topics
  • Invited speakers