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How a Hillside sponsored event is run

Maybe this is a repeat of a previous event, like PLoP or EuroPLoP. Maybe it is a new event. If it is a repeating event then the Program Committee is nominated by the PC that was in charge of the previous event, and that nomination was approved by the Event Coordinator, usually in consultation with others of the Hillside Board. If it is a new event then members of the PC were contacted by the Event Coordinator, who consulted with others and approved it.

The PC must make a budget, set a date, and reserve a place. The budget will provide a plan for not losing money, and will also indicate how much money will be needed before the event. This budget will be given to the Event Coordinator and the Hillside Treasurer, who will check that it is plausible and that it will not cause cash-flow problems. See Make a Budget.

Once the budget is approved, the PC can spend money. Any contracts with hotels and the like should be given to the Event Coordinator to sign. The Hillside Treasurer will authorize the paying of all bills that are not too far off the budget without further discussion.

If the event is going to be repeated, the PC should nominate members for the next PC. There should be a final report on finances and the other results of the event, such as number of people who attended and the number of papers produced. This report should be given to the Hillside Board.


Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP™) conference is a premier event for pattern authors and pattern enthusiasts to gather, discuss and learn more about patterns and software development... Learn More

Euro PLoP


EuroPLoP is a conference that explores, develops and celebrates patterns in software. As with PLoP in the US, the main focus of EuroPLoP will be a series of writer's workshops where pattern authors work together to improve their patterns... Learn More



GuruPLoPTM is hosted in India and is open to pattern authors, pattern users, and software designers and developers from around the world... Learn More


The 13th Annual ChiliPLoP features "hot topics" for experienced folks... Learn More

Asian PLoP

Asian PLoP

AsianPLoPTM is hosted in Tokyo, Japan and is open to pattern authors, pattern users, and software designers and developers from around the world... Learn More

SugarLoaf PLoP

SugarLoaf PLoP

SugarLoafPLoP brings together researchers and practitioners whose interests span a remarkably broad range of topics, who share an interest in exploring the power of the pattern form... Learn More

Viking PLoP

Viking PLoP

VikingPLoP is a conference in the tradition of the PLoP conferences, held in different places in Scandinavia; that's what the Vikings did -- they were always moving to new territory... Learn More


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