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Here are some tools and sample code related to patterns.

  • A tool to test private methods and use Design Patterns in Java
  • Tools for a pattern based development environment.
    A C++ editor which uses patterns to promote code reuse.
  • Pattern Template Library
    Hot new library which provides intrusive data structures and design patterns in the form of easy to use C++ templates. Include a fast, dynamically reconfigurable finite state machine. Includes a free demo, examples, and a full view of the documenation.
  • ModelMaker Delphi CASE Tool
    Supports UML and Patterns. Design Patterns in ModelMaker are implemented as 'ready to use' active agents which insert customable snippets of code. And what's really interesting: an applied pattern stays 'alive' as an active agent looking over your shoulder while you are editing your (code)model and automatically reflects changes where ever needed, keeping the patterns implementation up to date.
  • OmniBuilder
  • You can download, LGPL, a Pattern Enforcing Compiler (PEC(TM)) for Java(TM) from:


    1. The compiler is easy to use, e,g, just add "implements Singleton" to a class definition and the compiler enforces the Singleton pattern.
    2. The class is automatically documented via Javadoc(TM) that it uses a pattern.
    3. You can write your own patterns and have them enforced by the compiler.


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