Friday, January 22, 2021
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Pattern Mining Workshop

Kyle Brown 
Joseph Yoder 

Organizers: Kyle Brown and Joseph Yoder

Abstract:  Pattern mining techniques include ways to extract valuable seeds of patterns from proven experiences. In this workshop, you’ll learn about Patterns and learn techniques for identifying patterns and writing patterns and pattern languages.  Learn from experts in the field how to discover patterns, identify how patterns relate to each other in a pattern language or pattern catalog, and participate in interactive exercises that will show you how to write your own patterns and pattern languages.

The workshop consists of a mix of discussion, group pattern writing, pattern mining practice - not necessarily in that order. Part of this will include a discussion on the relationship between patterns, and the priority of the patterns. This can include looking at pattern maps and sequences of using the patterns. The only requirements are an open mind, ready to absorb the patterns experience, and ideas for patterns.

Date: Tentatively at the end of February 2021. More details forthcoming.

Details: This will be a two-day mini-workshop (2 hours per day, online). 
             No technical expertise or previous patterns expertise required.

 Pattern Mining

PLoP™ 2020 (online)

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