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Pattern Name:

Name of pattern goes here

Note: use italics for all references to pattern names per Meszaros' pattern writing patterns. Delete this paragraph from actual pattern.

Aliases: Aliases (or none)


Give a statement of the problem that this pattern resolves. The problem may be stated as a question.


Describe the context of the problem.


Describe the forces influencing the problem and solution. This can be represented as a list for clarity.

  • Force one
  • Force two


Give a statement of the solution to the problem.

Resulting Context

Describe the context of the solution.


Explain the rationale behind the solution.

Known Uses

List or describe places where the pattern is used.

Related Patterns

List or describe any related patterns.


Describe the sketch, if needed.

Author(s): Author's name here or "as told to" for pattern mining

Date: Date string goes here, e.g., 3/1/96

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Pattern Source: Example: AG Communication Systems, Writers Workshop, etc.


Give a list of references cited in the pattern.

Keywords: Give a comma delimited string of terms used for searching.


Give an example implementation of the pattern. This can be code, pseudo code, etc. This section is optional.

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