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One of the observations from Jim Coplien's writers' workshop held at AG, was that everyone could be a pattern writer. One suggested method for "patterns mining" is the following:

  • A contributor should attempt to answer the questions: What knowledge would be lost to the company if I were to leave tomorrow? What do I know that I have done a thousand times that I think everyone already knows?


  • Contact Linda Rising, who will assign a "patterns shepherd" - someone who understands the "pattern form" and has been through a writers' workshop - who will guide the writer through the writing of the pattern.


  • When the pattern has been crafted, the author should attend a writers' workshop, where the patterns shepherd may serve as moderator.


  • After the workshop, the author should update the pattern to reflect the suggestions made in the workshop.


  • After the pattern has been modified, the pattern should be publicly posted for comments by all members of the development community. All patterns are living documents that grow and evolve to more useful forms.


  • After a suitable exposure, the pattern could become part of a "Best Practices Handbook." Collections of patterns from this handbook could be part of the standard training program for new hires.
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