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A collection of interrelated patterns for building concurrent and distributed systemsThe patterns featured in this second volume form the basis of a pattern language that address issues associated with distribution, concurrency, and networking. Nineteen interrelated patterns are presented that represent everything from idioms (in both Java and C++) to architectural designs. The patterns cover core elements of building concurrent and distributed systems including service access, event handling, concurrency control, connection management and initialization, transaction, and safety. Readers can use the information in this book to tackle specific software development problems or gain a fundamental understanding of the best practices for constructing distributed and concurrent applications and middleware.

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Presents 17 distinct software design patterns with extensive examples and known uses in multiple programming languages, including C++, C, and Java. Patterns presented range from idioms to architectural designs and all cover core elements of building concurrent and network systems.

John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471606952

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