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With the explosion in Palm, wireless, and other hand-held computing devices, developers are called upon to create increasingly powerful software in tiny memory footprints. Small Memory Software offers 27 succinct solutions in the form of patterns: generalized solutions drawn from real world-experience, and proven to address the memory problems developers encounter most. James Noble and Charles Weir analyze the key considerations impacting the architecture and design of small systems; and adapt object-oriented design techniques to devices with severely constrained memory resources. For each pattern, the authors cover the key problem being solved, the forces that interact to cause the problem, the solution, its consequences, implementation techniques, code examples, and more. An essential resource for all developers, team leaders, and managers building applications for hand-held computers, mobile phones, smart cards, embedded devices, set-top boxes, and other limited-memory devices. Foreword by John Vlissides.

Publisher: Addison Wesley
Copyright: 2001
Format: Cloth, 352 pp
ISBN: 0-201-59607-5

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