EuroPLoP™ 2001 Papers


Bergin Coding at the Lowest Level - Coding Patterns for ...
Costanza The Comparand Pattern
Danculovic Patterns for Personalized Web Applications
Eckstein Patterns for Experiential Learning
Haase Java Idioms: Code Blocks and Control Flow
Henney C++ Patterns - Reference Accounting
Horoshilov Patterns for Polymorphic Operations
Keller A Few Patterns for Managing Large Application Portfolios
Kircher Lazy Acquisition
Kircher Ad Hoc Networking Pattern Language
Kircher The Three-Tier Architecture Pattern Language ...
Polo Reflective Persistence
Vestdam Writing Internal Documentation
Völter Server-Side Components - A Pattern Language
Wege Steps out of Integration Hell - Protocol Intercept
Zdun Message Redirector