EuroPLoP™ 2004 Papers

Avgeriou A Pattern Language for Documenting Software ...
Flieder Process Related Test Message
Haase Mediation
Henney Stable Intermediate Forms
Hentrich Six Patterns for Process-Driven Architectures
Herzner "Triple-T (Time Triggered Transmission)"
Homsky Group Leadership at Events
Hvatum Patterns for Managing Distributed Product ...
Kavanagh Towards a Pattern Language For Business Process ..
Kelly Business Strategy Design Patterns ...
Khaled Metaphorscape
Kircher Command Revisited
Longshaw Patterns for Generation, Handling and ...
Lukosch Patterns for Managing Shared Objects in Groupware
Marquardt Platonic Schizophrenia A pattern about ...
Marquardt Ignored Architecture, Ignored Architect
Ortega-Arjona The Manager Workers Pattern
Pärssinen Pattern Language for Service Discovery
Prince Patterns for the End Game
Raveh Patterns for Interface Design
Reicher Resource Dependency Manager Pattern
Rüping Insights into Decision Making
Salecker Bill of Material
Sardjono Pattern-driven Partitioning in Designing ...
Schmidmeier Patterns and an Antiidiom for Aspect Oriented ...
Schümmer Patterns for Building Communities in Collaborative
Vogiatzis The Learner's Mirror
Völter Patterns for Model-Driven Software-Development
Völter Broker Revisited
Weir My Friend the Customer
Wellhausen Query Engine
Zdun Some Patterns of Component and Language ...
Zuser A pattern language for quality assurance with ...
Schümmer / Zdun Focus Group on Human-Computer-Human Interaction Patterns