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The Hillside Fellowship Award

The Hillside Fellowship Program was established in 2016 to recognize members of The Hillside Group who have made exceptional contributions to the Hillside community and to the Patterns community at large. The title of Hillside Fellow denotes an outstanding member who has consistently and repeatedly: 

  • provided excellence in contributions to the patterns body of knowledge
  • advanced the arts, sciences, and practices of patterns and pattern languages
  • demonstrated exemplary mentoring and leadership
  • served to achieve the objectives of Hillside

Congratulations to Joseph Yoder for being presented with the Hillside Fellowship award at the 2023 PLoP event at Allerton, PLoP 2023.


Hilside Fellowship Award Recipients 2023


Congratulations to John Vlissides and Linda Rising for being presented with the Hillside Fellowship award at the 2020 PLoP online event, PLoP 2020.
      Link to Video of the award presentation

Hilside Fellowship Award Recipients 2020Hilside Fellowship Award Recipients 2020


Congratulations to Ralph Johnson and Richard Gabriel for being presented with the first Hillside Fellowship award at the 2016 PLoP event at Allerton, PLoP 2016.

Hilside Fellowship Award Recipients 2016


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