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Patterns, Principles, and Agile ConnectionsPattern Principles, and Agile Connections

Organizers: Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Linda Rising, Joseph Yoder, and Ward Cunningham
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Abstract:  Many ideas about agile development have roots in the software patterns and design community. Several early patterns authors have also been influential in the development and discovery of Agile practices. Join us as we share stories about the history and co-evolution of patterns and agile. We will discuss how core principles specifically relating to quality underlie both patterns and Agile practices. We’ll touch on what’s happened since the early days. We will look at how patterns and agile are connected today and share some recently published agile-related patterns.

Agile 20 Reflect

Date: February 26th, 9:00 am PT (California timezone)
          More details forthcoming.

Details: This will be a one-hour-panel discussion. 
             Held in conjunction with the Agile 20 Reflect Festival.

Organizers' Bios

Rebecca is an object design pioneer who invented the set of design practices known as Responsibility-Driven Design (RDD) and by accident started the x-Driven Design meme. Along the way, she authored two popular object design books that are still in print. In her work, Rebecca helps teams hone their design and architecture skills, manage and reduce technical debt, refactor their code, and address architecture risks. In addition to coaching and personal design mentoring, she teaches and conducts workshops on Responsibility-Driven Design, design heuristics, design thinking, decision-making, and being agile about system qualities. In her spare time she jogs (even in the rain). Rebecca is currently program director of the Agile Alliance’s Experience Report Initiative and co-chair of the experience report tracks for both the XP 2021 and Agile 2021 conferences. She also serves on The Hillside Group board. Recently she has written essays on heuristics and patterns, as well as patterns about magic backlogs, sustainable architecture, and agile QA.

  Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Linda Rising is an independent consultant who lives near Nashville, Tennessee. Linda has a Ph.D. from Arizona State University in object-based design metrics. Her background includes university teaching as well as work in telecommunications, avionics, and tactical weapons systems. She is an internationally known presenter on topics related to agile development, patterns, retrospectives, the change process, and the connection between the latest neuroscience and software development. Linda is the author of numerous articles and five books. Her web site is:   Linda Rising
Joseph (Joe) Yoder (agilist, computer scientist, speaker, and pattern author) is the founder and principal of The Refactory (, a company focused on software architecture, design, implementation, consulting, and mentoring on all facets of software development. Joe is best known as an author of the Big Ball of Mud pattern, illuminating fallacies in software architecture. Joe teaches and mentors developers on agile and lean practices, architecture, flexible systems, clean design, patterns, refactoring, and testing. Joe has presented many tutorials and talks, arranged workshops, given keynotes, and help organized leading international agile and technical conferences.   Joseph Yoder
Ward Cunningham has worked for and consulted to daring startups and huge corporations. He has served as CTO, Director, Fellow, Principal Engineer and Inventor. He is best known for creating wiki. He leads an open-source project rebuilding wiki to solve more complex sharing situations addressing some of societies toughest problems. Ward founded movements in object-oriented, agile software, extreme programming and pattern languages. Ward lives in Portland, Oregon and works for New Relic, Inc.   Ward Cunningham


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