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'These patterns stand as an example of how much more can be done with patterns than is commonly attempted. Patterns at their best bridge the gap between problem and solution. They connect human needs and emotions with technology. And they open up new possibilities for people who just have a problem to solve.'
--from the Foreword by Kent Beck This book provides the first comprehensive set of software patterns to support the development of embedded software systems. With a focus on reliability, it discusses techniques for the design and implementation of software for embedded applications based on the popular 8051 microcontroller family. You will find more than seventy software patterns, complete with guidelines to help you apply these techniques in your own projects. The author offers practical materials and advice advice for rapidly creating a wide range of different embedded applications. Using a substantial number of detailed examples, ranging from simple to complex systems, this book covers:

* the design & implementation of complete scheduler operating systems for embedded applications involving one or more microcontrollers
* creation of user interfaces with components including switches, keypads, LED displays and LCDs
* effective use of networking and communication protocols
* design of monitoring and control systems using, for example, PID algorithms and PWM

* extensive examples which illustrate how the patterns described may be applied in real-world projects
* an associated WWW site ( with a collection of detailed case studies
* accompanying CD-ROM containing:

* full source code in C for all patterns & examples, including a number of complete schedulers
* an evaluation version of industry-standard Keil C compiler & hardware simulator, allowing examples to be tested without the need to purchase additional hardware

Addison-Wesley Pub Co
ISBN: 0201331381

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