Proceedings of
Pattern Languages of Programs'99

These are the final papers in the PLoP'99 proceedings, grouped by conference review group. Each paper has an abstract (abs) and a full paper in PDF format (pdf). A free PDF reader is available from Adobe.

All papers are for PLoP'99 confernce use only. For any other use, contact the paper's author(s) directly.

For your convenience, all the PDF files are also available an archive (6.8M).

Author(s) Title ( pdf, abstract) Shepherd Program Committee
Group 1 Leader: Kyle Brown
Mark Bottomley
A Pattern Language for Simple Embedded Systems
( pdf, abs )
Dennis DeBruler Eugene Wallingford
Philip Eskelin
Component Interaction Patterns
( pdf, abs )
Joshua Kerievsky Ken Auer
Philip Eskelin
Layering Frameworks in Component-Based Development
( pdf, abs )
Brad Appleton Steve Berczuk
Mark Grand
Transaction Patterns A Collection of Four Transaction Related Patterns
( pdf, abs )
Wolfgang Keller Joe Yoder
Berna L. Massingill,
Timothy G. Mattson,
Beverly A. Sanders
Patterns for Parallel Application Programs
( pdf, abs )
Doug Lea Bill Opdyke
Kyle Brown,
Philip Eskelin,
Nat Pryce
A Mini-pattern language for Distributed Component Design
( pdf, abs )
Robert Hirschfeld Jens Coldewey
Group 2 Leader: Eugene Wallingford
Eric Evans
Deconstructing the Domain: A Pattern Language for Handling Large Object Models
( pdf, abs )
Gerard Meszaros Steve Berczuk
Eric Evans
Constructing the Domain: A Pattern Language for Object Oriented Software Design
( pdf, abs )
Joshua Kerievsky Don Roberts
David L. Levine,
Christopher D. Gill,
Douglas C. Schmidt
Object Lifecycle Manager A Complementary Pattern for Controlling Object Creation and Destruction
( pdf, abs )
Brad Appleton Jens Coldewey
Frank Metayer
( pdf, abs )
Mark Bradac Joe Yoder
Eugene Wallingford
Envoy A Pattern Language for Managing State in a Functional Program
( pdf, abs )
Dwight Deugo Don Roberts
Group 3 Leader: Ralph Johnson
Ali Paul Arsanjani
Service Provider: A Domain Pattern and its Business Framework
( pdf, abs )
Mike Beedle Robert Hanmer
Ralph Cabrera,
Brad Appleton,
Stephen P. Berczuk
Software Reconstruction: Patterns for Reproducing Software Builds
( pdf, abs )
David Kane Jens Coldewey
F. Lee Brown, Jr.,
James DiVietri,
Graziella Diaz de Villegas,
Eduardo B. Fernandez
The Authenticator Pattern
( pdf, abs )
Bill Opdyke Don Roberts
Neil Harrison
The Language of the Shepherds A Pattern Language for Shepherding
( pdf, abs )
Ward Cunningham Don Roberts
John Liebenau
Alternator An Object Behavioral Design Pattern
( pdf, abs )
John Vlissides Joe Yoder
Carol L. Stimmel
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Patterns for Developing Effective Concept Prototypes
( pdf, abs )
Don Olson Brian Foote
Group 4 Leader: Robert Hanmer
Christophe Addinquy
Pattern Language for User Information feed-back
( pdf, abs )
Neil Harrison Bill Opdyke
Ku-Yaw Chang,
Lih-Shyang Chen,
Chi-Kong Lai
Document-View-Presentation Pattern
( pdf, abs )
Rosana Teresinha Vaccare Braga Joe Yoder
Alexandre Delarue,
Eduardo B. Fernandez
Extension and Java Implementation of the Reactor-Acceptor-Connector Pattern Combination
( pdf, abs )
Irfan Pyarali Brian Foote
Robert Hanmer,
Michael Wu
Traffic Congestion Patterns
( pdf, abs )
David Delano Brian Foote
Andrew Lumsdaine,
Jeremy G. Siek
Mayfly A Pattern for Lightweight Generic Interfaces
( pdf, abs )
John Vlissides Ken Auer
Yongmei Wu
Acquisition-Computing-Execution-Expression (ACEE) A Software Architecture Pattern for Computer-supported Automation and Control Systems
( pdf, abs )
Christa Schwanninger Eugene Wallingford
Group 5 Leader: Richard P. Gabriel
Paul Asman
Three Patterns in Object Modeling
( pdf, abs )
Kyle Brown Brian Foote
Mark Heuser,
Eduardo B. Fernandez
RPC Client: A Pattern for the Client-side Implementation of a Pipelined Request/Response Protocol
( pdf, abs )
Robert Hanmer Bill Opdyke
Sebastian Fischmeister,
Wolfgang Lugmayr
The Supervisor-Worker Pattern
( pdf, abs )
Dwight Deugo Ken Auer
Richard P. Gabriel,
Ron Goldman
Jini Community Pattern Language
( pdf, abs )
Linda Rising Robert Hanmer
Michael J. Mahemoff,
Lorraine J. Johnston
The Planet Pattern Language for Software Internationalisation
( pdf, abs )
Todd Coram Jens Coldewey
Julio García-Martín,
Miguel Sutil-Martín
The Abstract Machine A Pattern for Designing Abstract Machines
( pdf, abs )
Group 6 Leader: Joe Yoder
Eduardo B. Fernandez,
Xiaohong Yuan
An Analysis Pattern for Reservation and Use of Reusable Entities
( pdf, abs )
Jens Coldewey Eugene Wallingford
Martin Fontaine,
Dwight Deugo
State Space Explorer Pattern
( pdf, abs )
Dana Anthony Robert Hanmer
Nathalie Gaertner,
Bernard Thirion
Grafcet: an Analysis Pattern for Event Driven Real-time Systems
( pdf, abs )
Ralph Johnson Jens Coldewey
Mary Lynn Manns
Evolving a Patterns Culture
( pdf, abs )
David Delano Steve Berczuk
Dorin Sandu,
Dwight Deugo
The Lambda Pattern
( pdf, abs )
Eugene Wallingford Robert Hanmer
Group 7 Leader: John Vlissides
Francisco J. Ballesteros,
Marta Patiño,
Ricardo Jiménez,
Sergio Arévalo,
Fabio Kon,
Roy H. Campbell
CompositeCalls: A Design Pattern for Efficient and Flexible Client-Server Interaction
( pdf, abs )
Frank Buschmann Don Roberts
Eduardo B. Fernandez,
Robert Flanders
Data Filter Architecture Pattern
( pdf, abs )
Chris Cleeland Bill Opdyke
Kimberly Perzel,
David Kane
Usability Patterns for Applications on the World Wide Web
( pdf, abs )
Neil Harrison Eugene Wallingford
Thomas R. Marzolf
A System Composition Pattern Language
( pdf, abs )
Liping Zhao Bill Opdyke
Rosana T. Vaccare Braga,
Paulo Cesar Masiero,
Fernão S. R. Germano
A Pattern Language for Business Resource Management
( pdf, abs )
Bruce Whitenack Eugene Wallingford