EuroPLoP™ 2003 Papers


Avgeriou Patterns for Designing Learning Management
Barr Interface Ontology: Creating a Physical …
Bergin Two Pedagogical Patterns for Course Design
Bienhaus Some Pedagogical Patterns from a ...
Bjørnvig Patterns for the Role of Use Cases
Buschmann Explicit Interface and Object Manager
Dyson Patterns for Managing Internet-Technology Systems
Eckstein Teaching from Different Perspectives
Fernandez More Patterns for Operating System Access Control
Graham Finding Sequences in Pattern Languages
Hanenberg AspectJ Idioms for Aspect-Oriented Software ...
Harrison Advanced Pattern Writing
Herzner Message Queues. Three Patterns for Asynchronous ..
Hofman Handling Complexity in Boolean Expressions
Hofman Security Principles
Homsky More Patterns for Group Leadership
Ingstrup Interaction Widget
Kaluscha Patterns for Consumer Trust in Electronic Commerce
Kelly Encapsulate Context
Key Implementing Low-cost TTCS Systems using ...
Khaled Software Visualisation of Java Programs in ...
Kircher Caching
Kircher Resource Lifecycle Manager
Marquardt Performitis
Mouratidis A Set of Patterns for Secure Agent Systems
O'Callaghan A Pattern Language Experiment. Lego
Patow Parameter Block
Pohl Using the Bridge Design Pattern for OSGi ...
Pont Prototyping Time-triggered Embedded Systems ...
Prince Excepts from a Set of Technical Leadership ...
Raveh Technical Support Patterns
Rüping A Culture for Small Frameworks
Saridakis Design Patterns for Fault Containment
Scherz A Pattern Language for Software Quality Assurance
Schuemmer GAMA: A Pattern Language for Computer Supported
Schumacher Firewall Patterns
Silva Towards the Organizational Engineering Pattern L..
Sommerlad Reverse Proxy Patterns
Völter A Catalog of Patterns for Program Generation
Völter Patterns for Asynchronous Invocations in ...
Weir A Window in your Pocket: Some Small Patterns ...
Weir The Hitchhikers' Guide to Google
Yuan An Analysis Pattern for Course Management
Zdun Patterns for Component Composition and Adaptation
Zdun Patterns of Tracing Software Structures and ...